Consolidated Shipment
Consolidated Shipment is a modern way to carry out an economic and expeditious shot lot delivery. It consists in using a unit of heavy-duty truck to deliver orders to different addressees. General cargo is the most effective mode of freight forwarding if a regular transit of small lots is needed.
Russ cargo is the right logistics choice, even when a singular delivery of small lots is required.
It is crucially important to choose a carrier, a partner who will arrange and carry out your general cargo shipping. Many companies offer prices and terms that are vastly different. Criteria for choice of efficient partner are below:

1. A carrier organizes regular transit of general cargo following the route you are interested in.

2. A carrier is highly experienced in delivering small lots and general cargo.

3. A carrier keeps in touch with efficient customs brokers and hires qualified staff with necessary skills and experience in drawing up of customs documents

Thus, if you use our services of Russ cargo or shot lots delivery, you may be quite confident that you will get a significant cost reduction, reliability assurance and on-time delivery warranty.