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Overseas freight forwarding is indispensable on certain routes and for certain kinds of cargo. Usually, it allows cheapening transport costs and ensures a more expeditious delivery in comparison with truck transportation.

Particularly, it concerns road transportation that involves a route that crosses several countries with idle period at customs entry and departure stations, where it is impossible to predict how long one will have to wait in queue. In such case, the best solution is overseas freight forwarding, with use of sea transport as the key traffic, if location of loading point and destination point makes it possible. For example, freight forwarding from Europe to the north end of European part of Russia is carried out through the port in St.-Petersburg. Also, overseas freight forwarding and sea transport may be used as one of the components in multimode freight forwarding.

We are eager to help you with customer freight calculations concerning the scheduled shipping. We guarantee a safe and satisfactory delivery by any mode of transportation, including sea transport.